November Newsletter

We continue to keep our residents and families connected by offering daily telephone calls, Zoom, FaceTime, Skype and good old fashioned letter writing.
Many residents are using Alexa for audio books, music, quizzes and our giant iPad is a firm favourite for jigsaws and virtual needlework. The acccessibility of our equipment allows everyone to join in.

We have connected families for Birthdays and Anniversaries and our team here at Crofthead have liased with families for all of these special occasions. Thank you for your continued support.

Chef created beautiful Victoria sandwiches, coconut sponges and afternoon teas for cosy afternoons.

Rememberance day was respected, our intergenerational work continued with virtual contact from local primary and secondary schools.

We celebrated St Andrews Day with oatcakes and a selection of cheeses. Everyone was offered a dram.

Plans are afoot for the Annual Christmas hamper, with tickets soon to be available for residents, staff, families and the wider community. All prizes will be available to peruse ( remotely) by the 7th December. More details to follow.

Many thanks to the Activities Team for creating this festive event. Special thanks to Janice Brines for all her efforts.
If you have a gift to donate to the hamper, then liase initially, with Activities.

We continue to strive for excellence, and to include every resident and their families in our plans, as we move into the month of December.

Thank you