Newsletter March 2021

Spring has sprung!

The gardens are looking very dapper this month and the bulbs we planted last year, are pushing through. The purple headed blooms and the soft yellows are making quite an impact. The residents and staff have potted up the pansies and our entrances, both at the main building and Poppy are looking very welcoming as we continue to open up for family visits.

Mother’s Day was celebrated in style with lots of flowers, chocolates, and visits in the week up to and including Mother’s Day. Every resident was presented with a gift and the tables were decorated with floral napkins. Very apt for the season and the day.

Our Easter plans are underway and we have Easter eggs for all, a service provided by the local faith leaders and a celebratory feast. The chefs are preparing lamb and other surprise treats.

Our “football memories day” was a great success, as was the “bake off” (photos below)

We continue to maintain and develop Crofthead internally and externally. Our award status is never taken for granted. In the coming weeks our car park area will be totally re-laid, ensuring the best parking facilities for our visitors and allowing smooth access to the impeccable gardens for our residents. The preparation has begun and our residents are enjoying watching the men at work.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support.